Receiving many "wrong numbers" lately.,,


I did a search on the forum before asking, but the reply was a few years old, so things may have changed.

I did a number transfer years ago. I want to keep that number. I understand there is an “underlying RW number” - a local number. When I receive this “wrong number” calls, I sometimes ask “what number were trying to dial?” and it definitely isn’t my number. So it is the underlying one.

I see in the account settings I can “change my number” but I’m confused about which number that changes. My “real number” or the “underyling RW number.” How can I change the latter?


Hi @williams.q6b5zb

You will need to create a support ticket so that Republic staff can assist you with this. Here is the link to help you get started with this.

Republic Help

This will not affect the number you transferred to Republic.


Thanks for the help!


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