Receiving messages from samsung s7 to gear s3

What phone do you have? Samsung s7

What plan are you on? 1 gb unlimited talk and text plan…

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data as well

Issue Description

During set up of Samsung Gear S3 on Samsung Galaxy S7 I received a message requesting me to make Samsung messaging my default messaging. Does RW support Samsung messaging? If not how do I receive Text messages on my gear S3? Another person posted this question a couple of weeks ago and seemed to figure it out for himself, but none of the solutions from that thread are working for me.

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The only officially supported messaging apps on R.W is Android Messages and Republic Anywhere.
I do not have a Samsung watch, ( I use Pebble), but from what others have said on here, I can share.

Samsung smart-watches only work fully with Samsung’s own exclusive apps and phones.
While you can not use Samsung Messaging app on Republic, you can still use the supported ones and it should still display notifications and allow you to reply etc. But you will not be able to view message history on the watch. I also read that Textra works fine.

Someone with a Samsung watch can elaborate futher.

Edit: There is already a thread here:


Hi, Thank you for your response. I have tried downloading textra and it isn’t working for me, nor is the other fix that was suggested. Side question for you, I heard that pebble is no longer going to produce updates after this month after selling to fitbit. I was really wanting a pebble time… Do you think it’s still worth getting? That might be a simpler fix than this messaging fiasco anyway!

Pebble died as a company over a year ago. FitBit acquired the Pebble software only.
There has been no support or updates since late 2016.
FitBit is shutting down the Pebble servers and on-line services completely June 30, 2018. This causes some features to no longer work. And compatibility to phones is…it works until it does not anymore.

Since that announcement, Pebble watches dropped in value and could be found dirt cheap, even the newest Pebble 2 SE or the Time Steel were under $50. Presently however, it appears that Pebble is now a collectors item as there is no new stock and thus folks are selling them at outrageous prices.

I want a basic smartwatch first, not a flashy fitness tracker. Nor can I use Samsung’s proprietary software and phones. I tried a few Android Wear watches, but hated them. So, I am kinda stuck. No other viable options i like for me.

Edit: I already lost the ability to Delcine a call from my Pebble watch thanks to a OS update on my Pixel XL.

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So sad to hear. I’ve been having the same issues in my search for the right smart watch. If you ever find one feel free to reply here and let me know! For now I will try to get this watch working before just returning it…

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It’s possible that Rebbel might save you. (

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Yes. I have signed up for that, but info on exactly what they are doing and sustainability is questionable. Would not surprise me if FitBit tried to shut them down or sue them.

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