Receiving phone calls for a different phone number


people are calling a completely different phone number and I keep getting the calls. how do I correct this?



Hi @wayneh.hb4wa9,

Some background on the phenomenon you’re experiencing is here: How to find your phone’s Sprint number and stop unwanted calls or texts to that number.

You don’t reference which Republic phone you have, however, if you have a new Republic 3.0 phone; it too has a secondary number though it may not be a Sprint number. Methods for discovering that secondary number with Republic’s 3.0 phones vary by phone model. If you need additional assistance with that, please let us know.



If you’re on one of the 3.0 phones/plans, Android 6.0 and up includes a call blocking feature:

Block or unblock a phone number - Nexus Help



Sadly, the Dialer on my Moto X Pure (and I presume other Motos running Android 6) lacks this functionality. Samsung’s Dialer incorporates call blocking though last time I tried it didn’t work with Republic’s blended service. My Huawei Ascend 5W has something called a Harassment filter available via its Phone Manager app. I haven’t tried it but have seen reports that it works with Republic’s service.



Hmm…That’s a bummer. Guess I’ve been on a Nexus 6 too long and got used to vanilla Android.



Agreed. Moto mostly uses vanilla Android, so fail to understand why they don’t support this functionality. Would really like to see selective delete for call history entries as well. It’s long past time for it to be something other than all or nothing.



We have experienced this as well. Not just calls, but texts as well. After some researching (Google) I actually found my “hidden” T-Mobile number (I am on Republic 3.0) on a business website in a location that was consistent with who I was getting calls from. I was getting automated calls about school being cancelled, and texts (and calls) about their website. The school was in the area where the business was located. Republic will tell you that your underlying number is only assigned to your phone. When it gets assigned it may have been a surrendered number that others may still have and try to contact the previous owner of that number. The number I had was obviously in use. I don’t know if I got a number that was already assigned or if they did. I contacted Republic and they gave me a new background number and since then I have not had a problem. Interestingly, a couple of weeks after this, my wife started getting calls not meant for her on her phone and we did the same thing and got her a new background number. That is one of the frustrating aspects with Republic using other providers service and having to have that background number. Open a ticket to request a new background number.


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