Receiving Phone Calls on the Moto X Pure Edition


I have the Moto X Pure Edition, with Android Version 7.0
After the last update, when a phone call is coming in, it doesn’t give me the incoming call screen with the Accept or Dismiss (red & green) buttons. In the past when a call came in, no matter how many apps I had running, the call would come to the top, so I could answer it. Now when a call comes in, I have to close all apps that are running, and then click on the telephone icon. Then it gives me three options. Return to call in progress is the one I have to touch in order to answer the call. Many times, it goes to voicemail before I can get through all of this to answer the call. VERY FRUSTRATING when it happens! Any Suggestions???

Hi @larryboy,

I was able to duplicate what you’re describing. Please see if this helps.

Open the Settings app.
Tap Notifications
Scroll down and tap Phone
Toggle the Block All switch so that it is to the left, and gray (off).


Please Clear Android System Cache, it only take a minute and clear up your problem:

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