Receiving SMS from bank when overseas

When traveling overseas (outside US), I need to receive bank verification codes sent by SMS. Could you please confirm it will work with RW because virtual numbers are usually not accepted by automated SMS?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @flob.tyzu33,

That is a decision made by each bank, and the only way to confirm it would be to test the process with your own bank.


Some banks, credit card companies and other vendors do not allow VOIP numbers for sending their
verification codes. RW numbers are categorized as VOIP numbers and therefore this is an issue.

The fact that you are overseas has no bearing on this procedure. If the codes are coming through to you
while on WiFi in the US…then they will continue to work the same way on any WiFi in the world. Some WiFi networks block certain ports so those could be an issue…but for the most part generic WiFi connections should not be an issue.

I have regularly received Google’s account verification SMS codes via WiFi on my RW phone while traveling internationally.

Thank you amitl for your reply!

I do not understand this point: “RW numbers are categorized as VOIP numbers”.
RW issues a SIM card so for me it is not a VOIP number as Call Hippo or 8x8. Is it correct?

From overseas, can I receive SMS through mobile network and not through wifi app?

Thank you!!

Republic is a hybrid WiFi first VOIP with Cell Backup Provider
and as such the WiFi portion of Republic service is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and the FCC classifieds VOIP as a Landline(Wireline)
the SIM Republic issues bonds the Republic VOIP number with an underlying carrier number for call routing when off WiFi, When on WiFi the call will route though Republic servers and never touch the cell networks.
all SMS/MMS on Republic are IP base (Uses Data* either from a WiFi network or the 4G/3G cell network connection)

Republic does not have international service so there is no Mobile(cell) Network when overseas though a Republic phone with it’s Republic SIM installed will work on an Open WiFi anywhere in the world as if it was in the US on a WiFi network

* this data is not counted against any purchased data and is there even on a no data plan and may be there on a roaming network if the roaming partner allows data for roaming phones)

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That’s incorrect. Your phone number is a VoIP number. Whether or not your phone has a SIM card is not relevant.

You’re asking two different things. When overseas you will have no access to the mobile network so you won’t receive anything over the mobile network. Over wifi your phone will work as it does at home. If you receive the SMS at home, you can receive it anywhere in the world when on wifi.

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Thank you very much for this great explanation!

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