Receiving texts

I can’t receive texts from my bank, why?

Additional information would be helpful

  1. Which phone?
  2. Which Messaging App? :messages: Android Messages is your likely best bet
  3. Is this a new problem or has it always failed?

Which bank?
If it is Wells Fargo…you are not alone. No one can. It is an issue with Wells Fargo and it was stated by them to take 3 months to resolve.

Other banks, may not accept Republic numbers as they are VOIP or “wireline” numbers as classified by the FCC.

If another bank, and it was working fine for you before, note that I read that some banks have recently updated their systems and now they do not work with VOIP or even prepaid line numbers like they did before.

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Moto E (2nd generation) with 4G lite. I have Android Messages. This new, however I haven’t tried to rerceive texts before.

If @SpeedingCheetah’s answer applies to you, you may want to explore with your bank if they can utilize Email to SMS

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@davidm.6urvo2, I’ve moved your question to Bank Sign in text blocked so we can keep the conversation about Wells Fargo in one place.

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