Receiving unwanted spam texts from different #'s (12 within 5 minutes)

What phone do you have? Moto g7 Play

What plan are you on? Talk, Text, 1GB data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

My wife’s phone is receiving numerous spam texts . . . . like 12 in the span of 5 minutes. All from different numbers. Any suggestions to stop this?

Hi @philw.brhq81

How long has this phone been activated with this number?


Hi @philw.brhq81 and welcome to the Member Community. Don’t think the following will help with Spam Texts but thought I’d share the information in case you also start to experience Spam Calls and Voicemails.

Have had one or two of these instances that some call “drive by” spam texts. We simply block each one in the Google Messages app. We never respond to any of those texts or any links in them. We delete the texts and…knock on wood…we have had good luck with no recurring drive spam texts :smiley:

Hope it helps!



Since Christmas. I completed a security update on the phone. I need to check-in with my wife and see if still occurring.

Thanks for your help/


Was this a single instance where she received 5 calls from different numbers? If so, I would think this was a glitch in a robo-dialer somewhere. Robo-dialers hide their true number. If this was a single instance, it most likely was one robo-dialer placing five calls using a different called-from number each time.

Thanks for your input on the spam texts. Johnny5 . . . . I think you were right on this one . . . probably a robo dialer? I checked in with my wife and she has not had any further problems in the last couple of days.

I sincerely appreciate your help Johnny5.

Take Care,


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