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My contact displays changed about 3/5/19 so that all I see is the name, a photo. There’s no way to call either a single phone number stored for that contact, or to select one of the multiple phone numbers stored for a contact.


Hi @davidd.ng6tv2

Which make and model phone are you using, please?

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Moto X, Pure Edition,
Andriod 7 software,
The system update shows “up to date”, but it doesn’t tell me a specific date of the last update.


Thanks for your reply.

Are you syncing your phone to a Google account?

If you are, please login to that account using a computer and a browser. Go to the following link:

Do your contacts display normally there?

If they do, try booting your phone into Safe Mode and then check to see if they display and behave properly.


This is her son. The issue seemed to be something with the contact image being zoomed like it was in landscape mode.

Turning it off and on again fixed the issue.

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Thanks for letting us know!

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