Recent issue with Extend Home

I missed calls yesterday and today. My cell phone didn’t ring due to the doze problem and my lack of cell service but Extend Home has been my faithful backup. My home phones didn’t ring either.

On both occasions, when the missed call notification appeared on my phone, I called my own number which took me to voice mail instead of ringing my Extend Home. On both occasions all three lights on my extend home were lighted. On both occasions I had dial tone on my Extend Home but calling my cell number took me to voice mail.

On both occasions I got Extend Home working again by unplugging it, waiting 10 seconds, plugging it back in, and watching it for about 60 seconds while it shook hands with the mother ship and all three lights were back on. After that Extend home and my cell phone could call one another.

Callers tell me they called me but didn’t get any ring-back or any opportunity to leave voice mail.

What do you other Extend Home users think? Is mine failing or is this an issue with the mother ship?

Unfortunately, I think it is on Republic’s end. We don’t get many voice calls, so I just tried it and got the same result you did, got voice mail. I’ll try rebooting and report back.

Edit: Rebooting worked, for now. We’ll see.

In the grand scheme of things, Republic’s Extend Home adapter is just another analog telephone adapter (ATA) from a hardware perspective. It’s not particularly unusual for an ATA to have occasional connection issues. In some cases, simply restarting the ATA is sufficient. Other times, power cycling one’s networking equipment is required.

In the wider VoIP community, some use an inexpensive lamp timer to periodically restart the ATA at a time it’s unlikely to be in use (3:00 in morning for example) without manual intervention.

Out of curiosity, did either of you try an outbound call from the Extend Home adapter before restarting? If so, what happened?

For what it’s worth, my Extend Home adapter is behaving as expected.


The outbound call was from the Extend Home to the cell phone… It failed in both cases. How do we explain why those two parties that called didn’t even get a ring back or go to voice mail? Both just got silence. I see @royrose had a similar experiencer.

I could set up Alexa to restart the Extend Home every morning about a half hour before I usually wake up. Thanks for the suggestion.

I should have been more specific, I meant an outbound call to another number.

I can’t with certainty. I can only theorize there was a connectivity interruption of some type between your Extend Home and Republic’s servers. Knowing that, however, doesn’t in and of itself tell us where the interruption occurred. It appears restarting the Extend Home reestablished the connection.

Yes, but two does not a systemic issue make. I’m not saying it wasn’t a systemic issue only that two reports is insufficient to come to that conclusion.

The Extend Home has a known issue where calls go straight to voicemail sometimes. I was able to reproduce it when I was working at Republic.

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Both the cell phone and the Extend Home adapter went straight to voice mail and it’s unlikely that both devices had a problem simultaneously. Combine that with the callers both getting dead and it is obvious The problem had to be on RW’s end…

I’m aware of that bug but am not aware that merely restarting the Extend Home, which apparently worked for both @billg and @royrose, “fixed” the issue.

I saw at least one report of this (seems like at least two though) while working that bug, so it does work sometimes or for some people. For others, it may not work.

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Right. There is no question its a back-end issue. That is certain.


Working fine this morning without having to do a reset.

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Aren’t both devices served by the same WiFi network, though?

Yes, but I didn’t reset the WIFI network to fix the problem. Going forward, Alexa will reboot the Extend Home adapter daily at 5:30 a.m.

No, but rebooting the device also refreshes its connection with the network, right? Somewhere between RW’s servers and your devices, the connection is getting broken. I just want to be sure we don’t draw conclusions that blind us to all the possibilities.


In both cases all 3 lights were on. One of those only comes on when there is a connection to the internet through the router it is hard wired to.

I posted this once before.

Connected to the internet doesn’t necessarily mean connected to our servers, though. It’s possible that somehow your network is closing access to one of the ports we use, through some sort of timeout process. and that refreshing the connection re-opens that port’s connectivity.

Again, though, I’m not trying to point “blame” in one direction or another, I just want to be sure for the sake of troubleshooting that we explore all the possibilities.

About half the time my phone displays a hollow arc and reports calls over cell, data over WIFI, When this happens I place calls using extend Home because my cell service is unreliable. So, then, we find the Republic app declaring my internet connection unsatisfactory for voice calls but the calls over extend home are flawless, I used to run the Republic apps test when this happened and it would report a SIP problem. If I recall you wrote that this test result was unreliable. I can’t prove it but I believe this SIP issue is common to all RW devices and can only be fixed on RW’s end. Take a look at my ticket number 2068488 where I’m being asked to refresh my phones activation for a reported SIP issue that is impacting Extend Home. Huh? I haven’t reported this Extend Home problem to support for fear they will ask me to factory reset my phone.

I hope your coverage issues can be fixed with a Republic Wireless branded AT&T SIM, soon®.

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I’ve come full circle. I left Verizon for RW because VOIP calling solved my coverage problem. Now I’m hoping for an AT&T capable SIM to overcome my VOIP problems.

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