Recent loss of cellular service were it used to be

I recently became aware that I have lost cellular coverage in areas that I used to have service. I checked on the service coverage map and was told that I was covered in the 24128 zip code. Cellular coverage can be spotty because of the mountainous terrain here, but the area that was previously served was on top of a hill and was in direct line of sight to a cell tower that is about three miles away. I used to have great cell service at that location. I also used to have 2 bars of cell service at my home, but that has gone to zero.
I also assumed that my cell service was provided by the Sprint network. I have just checked on my G7 Play phone, that is relatively new, and was surprised to find that it is a GSM sim T-Mobile network phone. T-Mobile has a very poor reputation for coverage in my area. Does my loss of cell service have something to do with changes to T-Mobile or the Sprint acquisition? Would it improve with a CDMA sim?
I am retired and do 99% of my calling over my home wifi, but this loss of coverage in the one area that I do frequent could be a real game changer. I have been a RW customer for about six years now and this is my first discouraging experience with them.

I think a CDMA SIM might improve coverage. It appears to me that Sprint (as it stands today) has superior coverage to T-Mobile in your area. Instructions for ordering are at the link below.


I agree completely, the GSM service in that area is sketchy. I would absolutely request a CDMA SIM.

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