Recently Had a Moto x 2nd gen that died and switched to a Moto E

Was able to call hands free on Moto x and here texts read to me when I told it to listen. This was done without data.
I now have a Moto e and don’t know how to set it up for driving so I can call hands free by speaking and so I can hear and respond to texts by speaking. All without a data plan. Could do it before - can I do it again, specific to the Moto e (149.00 phone) Text not as important as telling the phone to call someone while driving. And want to be able to do this NOT on wifi and Not on data.

Hi @tomp.aspypb,

These features were part of the Moto app on the Moto X, and Motorola does not include them on the Moto E.

Android Auto has those features, not sure if they work offline though.

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