Reclaiming a Phone-Life Balance


I’ve been seeing a lot of articles and studies focusing on smartphone addiction lately. When I first heard of this notion I didn’t take it seriously. Sure I enjoy using my phone and it’s features, but addiction felt like a stretch.

I understood cell phone distractions like texting can lead to dangerous situations like car accidents and it kills our attention spans. But I hadn’t considered the stress, anxiety, and slot machine reaction that often comes with alerts and notifications.

As I kept diving into what the “symptoms” of smartphone addiction are, I realized I’m more attached to my phone than I thought. So I’ve decided to conduct a little experiment on myself to see how bad this habit has become.

Since my addiction lies more with social media apps, email, games, and Netflix, I’m uninstalling these apps from my phone for 3 days. I’m also going to cut back on my phone usage all together to see just how addicted I am.

If you’re up for the challenge join me in cutting back on your most addictive phone habits and see how you manage. The first 3 people to reply “I’m in” on this post will get a chance to win some fun prizes for each day you last!

If you last 24 hours you’ll get a taco bell gift card, 48 hours a Republic Wireless tee and water bottle, and for those who complete the full 72 hours a $20 Tango gift card. Give us an update daily on how you’re doing in the comments, so we can track our progress together. The challenge starts tomorrow, who’s in?


1st you helped the community in using the phones (and herding cats) … then
You escaped over to the marketing side of Republic … helping sell us the good stuff … and now
You are offering us prizes for not using our phones … cool glad to see you’re still having fun :heart_eyes:


LOL! I have to keep it interesting! So are you in??? :slight_smile:


Nope, not til you ‘pry my phone from my cold d… hands’ :slight_smile:


Not in, but deleted my Facebook account about a month ago. It really was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I think Twitter is next.


Ahh! I understand, it’s going to be tough for me too. That’s why I need support!


Nice! So you don’t miiss it?


The only apps on my phone I’m addicted to are New York Times news and Anywhere. Deleting them from my phone won’t change my life in any way because both are available on my PC. :wink:


Nope. I’m blissfully unaware of what people I don’t care enough about to see on a day-to-day basis are doing or thinking.


I’m definitely not in, but for anyone interested, I can tell you that Republic has the best, softest t-shirts and if the water bottle is the thermal one, you will absolutely love it! Keeps a drink cold all day long!

There must be someone out there willing to put down their phone?


But @cbwahlstrom, tacos!


I did a purge for almost 5 years. That ended a few years ago. Not in this time.


Good point, but I’ve taken to making my own carne asada tacos at home (with homemade masa tortillas).


I got you @shannono!
No social media for 72 hours? This will be like a mini-vacation!! :sunglasses:


Yay! We can do this @richard.p. Is there another?


I’m in @shannono!

Although, I have a tiny social media footprint to begin with.

Will try to cut back on my emails.


I’m in! (Though I’m counting “tomorrow” as sunrise rather than midnight) :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in!


Awesome @amitl! We got this!


@soopergenious me too! :rofl: Glad you’re in!