Recommend an RW-compatible phone with a user-replaceable battery?

what phone can i buy that has a removable battery and works with RW service? either by RW or capable with RW service? over 3000 battery. tired of buying phones that last 2 years and then have to be thrown away bc you cant replace the battery or destroy it by trying. RW phones are limited to 15 and none seem to fit my requirement. I prefer to buy directly from RW for ease but tired of 2 years and then the battery is dead although the phone is fine.

You can find the specs on all of the Republic compatible phones here: Detailed Supported Phone Features - Tips & Tricks - Member Community (

Unfortunately what you’ll find is that fewer and fewer phones have removable batteries.

1st Republic does not build phones,
most OEM have drop the feature years ago on high end phones
from the list @louisdi link to there are only a handful that have a removable battery (most recent is last year’s Moto E6 (which can be purchased from Motorola

I hope i didnt offend you or anyone about asking to purchase a phone with a removable battery. Thats all my intent was. I know RW doesnt make phones. Was just hoping that they could sell some that are replaceable. So if i offended you. Was not my intent.


no offense was taken I just want to note the lack of phones with removable batteries is not republic doing and the industry has moved away from them.

Thanks, i am needing to replace my RW Moto G6 because no matter what i try my battery will now just drain to fast. I really considered buying the MOTO G Power because for $ 249. has more ram, 5k instead of 3k battery. However after reading all the reviews on the MOTO G Power app issue afraid to do that. Can anyone please recommend what RW phones that you currently sell would be as good or better than my Moto G 6 has been with the least issues or complaints? Seriously, just asking for some guidance. I want to be able to use voice activated blue tooth on my motorcycle headset. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @raymondk.8lqg1s,

What issue has you worried?

Have you looked at the Moto G Fast? It’s currently on sale and would be an upgrade to your Moto G6, but would still feel familiar, since it’s in the Moto G family.

Motorcycle photos are always welcome here.

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