Recommend Samsung phone available from Republic

I am looking to get a new Samsung phone. I currently have the G7 and while I like it, a couple of features I would like to get away from. Main one is suggested or required use of Anywhere app for messaging. Things like smart watch don’t like the app and require the phones native messaging app. Second is multiple clicks to listen to voice mail, I miss simplicity of Visual Voice mail. What are your recommendations.

Hi @timc.ily88e and welcome to the Community!

Do you perhaps mean you currently use a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Republic? A G7 is a Motorola model.

In any event, I’m uncertain a new Samsung would satisfy your objectives. Samsung’s bundled Messages app remains incompatible with Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. Use of Anywhere isn’t required or suggested at this point though it is still an option. Republic’s other supported text messaging app is Messages by Google.

The less than ideal visual voicemail experience is Samsung’s design and really hasn’t improved. Samsung’s implementation of visual voicemail is anything but simple, however, that’s something beyond Republic’s control.

I’m not the most qualified Community member to suggest a new Samsung. I happily use one of Google’s Pixels with Republic. That said, presuming you do indeed have a Galaxy S7, the logical successor among Samsungs is one of the S10 series phones.

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