Recommendation for "in the field" phone

Currently, I have a Moto X 2nd gen phone which I am looking to replace.

What would be a good phone to use with mobile apps for creating estimates and invoices in the field working as a handyman or service technician type job?
Need to ensure that it will connect reliably to cell, able to take sharp photos, use apps that can digitally sign documents, all-day battery charge capacity, and has good on-board memory (64GB).

I’ve had to delete almost all of my non-critical apps off of my X2 phone since it appears the Android OS is consuming most of the space along with the usual Google apps. I believe it only came with a quoted 16GB capacity. I can’t keep any photos on it and the photo quality is not so great. So, it appears to not be a viable option for a business phone.

I’ve been looking at the Moto X4 and the Samsung S9.

Thanks in advance,

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A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 seems like a pretty good option.

Honestly, for value, the prices that the X4 is currently selling for from Moto, Amazon, etc is really hard to beat.

The one thing that may be advantageous to the OP is the S9 supports Band 71 per Detailed Supported Phone Features

For the price difference the OP could get two X4’s activate one on each of Republic’s partners and maintain service for quite a while before they got to the same cost!

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Hi @delaing,

Welcome to our Community!

This makes me pause.
Your battery capacity is going to depend on the apps running, the amount of screen time, and, for phones using our CDMA SIM cards, your cellular signal strength.

The G7 Power probably has the best battery performance of any phone we currently support, but you also listed sharp photos among your criteria and, depending on your needs, the G7 power may not meet your specs there.

Please let us know what you decide. The Ol’ Community Treasure Chest has a few Ventev Power Cells that, quite honestly, look like the boxes have been through a garbage disposal, but the chargers themselves are in perfect condition. Once you’ve activated your new phone on a Republic Wireless account, I’d be glad to send you one of these chargers to make sure you have the power you need to get through the workday.

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I’m not seeing the X4 listed on Amazon. My wife bought an X4 on Amazon a while back and my understanding is RW will not be helping her with any issues she may have with her phone. However, if she purchased from RW, then they would back/support her equipment.

Point me to the information needed if I were to purchase a phone outside of the RW store and how to bring that phone to RW. From what I recall, it would take me off of the plan I have now?

Thank you,

I have experience on other non-RW forums, but not much here so excuse me for not knowing how to tag replies correctly, etc.

So far recommendations are for:
@cbwahlstrom - Galaxy Note 9 - would require purchasing a BYOP SIM card, depending on which Amazon listing I look at is >$570
@louisdi - Moto X4 - currently $419 in RW store
@jben - Galaxy S9- currently $599 in RW store
@southpaw - Thank you for the offer on the power cell; I will most likely refer back to you on that.

What specs should I note to determine best battery capacity along with “sharp photos”?
I can see that a phone might have a 3000 mAh battery, but that doesn’t inform me on how long it might last.

For the camera, my existing X2 shows a spec of Rear-facing camera: 13MP.
The X4 states 2 MP ƒ/2.0 aperture 8MP ultra-wide angle . . . with Front-facing camera: 16 MP

Not certain how to interpret the X4’s camera specs.
So, the front-facing is higher rez than the rear?
I don’t do selfies so not sure I would consider that too highly unless there is some other aspect to consider with that spec.

S9 (correct reference?) camera is Super Speed Dual Pixel 12 MP (OIS) rear camera.
Is that superior to the X2’s 13MP ? I’m not happy at all with the quality and clarity of the X2 photos.

No, I don’t spend a lot of time learning about camera, phone specs, etc. I have to rely on experts for that, so apologies for the stack of questions in one reply. Once I learn enough to evaluate, I make the purchase, on whatever item, move on and begin using it, and most likely forgetting what I might have learned in the shopping process.

I appreciate the time you are giving to this.

Thanks in advance,

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$234 for the X4 64GB at Amazon:

You can find information about bringing a phone here: bring your own phone – Republic Wireless Moving off your plan has nothing to do with where you get the phone from. All phones available since July 2016, no matter where purchased, require the My Choice Plan.

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here a link to the Amazon page for the Moto X4■■■■s=gateway&sr=8-3
$119.99 for the 32 GB Prime Alexa version in black
$209.99 for the 32 GB Prime Alexa version in Blue
$174.99 for the 32 GB standard version in black
$279.99 for the 32 GB standard version in blue
$234.99 for the 64 GB standard version in black

as for support Republic will support the service and go though basic trobble shooting on phones purchased 3rd party (as they do with phones purchased thought Republic.
for warranty work one should deal with the OEM (who backs the warranty on their phones) Republic will assist when they are dealing with warranty on phones purchased though them (I had republic support help me with my Moto Z2 Play (a phone Republic never carried)

as you are planning to use the phone “in the field” I would also see what durable cases you can get for the phone (an Ottorbox Defender is not made for the Moto X4 but is on most Samsung S models)

I appreciate the good information and responses.
Seems that I am being directed to the Moto X4 as the best option.

I’d also appreciate a bit of clarification for my previous questions to help me with my determination.

The larger the number, the longer the battery will last between charges. There’s no direct correlation between the stated mAh and number of hours, you can’t convert one to the other, since different usage will impact how quickly it drains.

Yes, but the rear camera actually includes two lenses. See if this review gives you a good overview of the camera’s features:

Samsung cameras typically have a reputation for excellence. In this case, yes the S9’s camera is going to take better pictures than the X2’s camera thanks to the dual-aperture lens and image stabilization.


Samsung has also backed that sensor up with cutting-edge smartphone optics as well, incorporating a dual aperture lens with both an f1.5 and f2.4 aperture and optical image stabilization (OIS). Though apertures have been getting larger and larger in smartphones to help with low light responsiveness, that doesn’t always help bright shot settings and clarity. Here Samsung notes “Similar to the way the iris of a human eye expands and contracts, Samsung’s Dual Aperture (F1.5 – F2.4) automatically lets in more light when it’s dark and less light when it’s too bright, taking photos that are crisp and clear anytime, anywhere."


I can’t emphasize enough what a dog my X4 is. Motorola has replaced it twice and no better. It does everything except place and receive phone calls. It’s a nightmare :tired_face:

Sorry to hear that… but this not an experience that’s shared by many of us who own the X4 and are very happy with the performance. Perhaps, your use-case might be playing into the experience you are having with the phone. I saw your original thread on the X4 which appears to be closed now. If you want to continue exploring some debugging alternatives,
please open a new discussion so that the community can offer suggestions.


Thanks for asking this, delaing!

I also have a Moto X2 and was just wondering what others would recommend for an upgrade when I saw your post.

I can relate to your experience with the limitations of the aging X2 and current Android updates, and am looking for similar features for my next phone. From all of thees helpful suggestions, I will be looking into the X4 and S9, too.

Thanks again,
- Mikie

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Thanks to everyone who gave time to this topic; it was very helpful.
Seems I will be going with the X4 since it is much more affordable than Samsung. My wife has the X4 also and the only issue she recalls having was resolved with upgrading to the then latest OS.

Thank you,


I activated my new x4 and wanted to circle back around to your offer here. What do I need to do to receive one of the Power Cells?

Thanks in advance,

I’ll DM you to exchange some details. I hope you’re enjoying the new phone!

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Thank you very much for sending the power cell and the thoughtful note.



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