Recommendation for Moto G Power 2021 Screen Saver

Can someone recommend an inexpensive glass screen saver for a Moto G Power 2021? I purchased one from eBay several months ago, but it doesn’t seem to be as sensitive to the touch as I like and doesn’t fix the screen to the exact edge. It doesn’t have a cutout for the camera, but I guess that is no big deal? I removed it and prefer how the touch screen works. Motorola doesn’t seem to have any screen savers in stock for this particular phone. Thanks for any suggestions :relaxed:

Hi @darianr.3wql3h,

We’ve been selling two tempered glass screen protectors for the Moto G Power 2021:

You can’t purchase either of them at the moment, since we have temporarily closed our online store, but I would be glad to send you your choice of one of them if you’d agree to revisit Community after trying it for a few days, to let us know what you think in our #reviews category, as you did for a Moto G4 case, some time ago.

Edited to add: p.s. I’d need to know your preference before 11/23.


Southpaw, I appreciate your generous offer. I think I’d like the Axessorize Screen Protector. It states that it is an exact fit and it’s a little thinner than the Gadget Guard. I’ll definitely give it an honest review. Thank you.


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