Recommendation for Moto G4 case?

I had a Diztronic case for my Moto G4 for four years, but the off/on button on the case partially broke off and I had to replace the case. I had a Cruzerlite case for the G4, but didn’t like it; it has cutouts for the off/on and volume switches. I purchased a G4 case from eBay, but the off/on button is much harder to press than the Diztronic and I wish to replace it. Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive case for the G4 for me. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Hi @darianr.3wql3h ,

Congrats on getting so much life out of a Moto G4! We have some overstock of the Incipio DualPro case for this phone if you’d be interested in trying one of those. Unfortunately, all I have on hand (we’re working remotely) is one in Hot Pink :flamingo: , which you’re welcome to, but if you’re in no particular hurry, I’ll be glad to send you one in black the next time I run by the office.

It has “buttons” (nubs) for the power and on/off buttons, cut-outs for the charging port and earphone jack, and claims a 12-foot drop protection. (Please don’t test it.)

There would be no charge for the case or shipping, I’d just ask that you let us know how it does for you so others considering cases would have some user feedback to consider about the Incipio DualPro model.

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Thank you, Southpaw. I’d definitely appreciate the one in black, whenever you’re available to send it. Should I post my address in the Republic Community or can I contact you privately? I really appreciate your generous offer and I’ll be delighted to offer feedback on the case.


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We definitely don’t want you to share your address publicly in Community (and replies by e-mail are posted in your public topic.)

It looks like you have just one address on file in your Republic account. If you want to reply that it’s still current, that’ll do.

If you want to give me a current address, please do so by logging back into Community and messaging me privately with the “message” button, here: Profile - southpaw - Member Community

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