Recommendation for replacing Moto G5 Plus

My old Moto G5 Plus is dying. The screen is not responsive.

I like to stay with Moto. What is a good replacement? There is no need to go to the top of the class.



Hi @lordbuddha,

Wecome to our Member Community. I’m sorry to hear you’re having to replace your phone.

In order for the Community to give you a good recommendation, could you tell us what you use your phone for most, and which features are most important to you?

For example, the recommendation for someone who values the camera most may be very different from the recommendation for someone who likes to play Pokemon Go! Do you use your phone for banking or tap-to-pay functionality? Do you rely on it when hiking? Is a real FM radio receiver important to you?

Yes, I agree.
I do use the camera a lot.
I do not use it to play PokemonGo.
I do not use it for banking or tap-to-pay.
I do rely on it when hiking.
I do use it to listen to online radio.

The other activities include using Android Auto, Waze, Key Ring, Evernote, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, Compass, and Browsers, etc. The usuals.

Hi @lordbuddha,

Presuming other than its’ age you are happy with your Moto G5 Plus, I would suggest the Moto G Power or Moto G Stylus. Republic sells the 2021 versions at its; online store linked here:

Out of curiosity, do you use a specific app when hiking? Do you use a rugged case?

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Thanks @lordbuddha

Some phones don’t have the real FM radio tuner, which sometimes takes people by surprise. Just wanted to make sure that wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for you. Online radio :+1:

No need for rugged case as it is regular trail.
I definitely use the camera to take photos and videos.
I also use Compass to know where I am heading.

Moto G5 plus resolution is 1080x1920
Moto G Power is 1600x720. Not as good.
Moto G Stylus is better at 2400x1080. Much better.

Any Father’s Day sale at RW?

I have LAST YEAR’S (2020) Moto G Power… and I like the specs better than the newer one. For me I wanted that huge 5000mah battery… and it has 3 cameras. I found I use the macro and wide angle all the time. It also has gyro stabilized video, shoots 4k… as if even shoot 1080p, and a 1080 x 2300 pixels screen. I’m not a power user so I can’t say how well it does with intensive gaming. I also like the fact it still had a real plug for headphones I never use… but it can act as an antenna for FM radio.

But in the end, it’s all about cost.

I do recommend for comparing specs side by side… up to 3 phones at a time.

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