Recommendations for RW-compatible phones with the best battery life?



It’s been a little over two years since I joined Republic Wireless and purchased the Moto E phone which I’ve been using. In the past few months, the battery life on my phone has dropped substantially, such that the phone can’t last throughout the day without being connected to a charger intermittently. I’ve read Republic Wireless’s recommendations for improving battery life, and already make use of these. I use very minimal apps, and very sparsely make/receive calls and texts, so I assume this is just natural aging of the phone’s battery.

I’m now diving into the market with a mind to buy a new phone, but thought it worth asking for suggestions. I’ve really been lamenting the passing of the days long ago when I could charge my flip phone one night in the week and not suffer battery woes. Obviously, such high expectations for battery life are not reasonable for today’s versatile smart phones, but what is the next best thing? If battery longevity is the single most important factor in selecting a phone, which Republic Wireless-compatible phones should one look into? Is under 24 hours of life the best we can achieve with modern smart phones?

Thanks for reading. I’m very appreciative of any recommendations.


Battery life is very hard for RW to predict because for the most part it depends on the apps a person installs, screen brightness, cell coverage and several other factors. The best one can do is compare the manufacturer’s claims which, of course, can’t take these user-controlled aspects into consideration.


I think @billg is spot on in his assessment. I could get through a day easily on my Moto X2 (2300mah), but after recently gifting it to another user, they report much less than a day on the same device…(much heavier usage).

The Moto E has a 1980mAh battery whereas my Moto X Pure has a 3000mAh battery. Again, I can get through a day and then some…usually.

I suppose the best recommendation would be to buy the largest capacity battery available within the desired price range…same would apply to internal storage.


On the high end, I would look at the Moto Z if TMobile’s coverage works for you .

At the low end, I would look at the Moto G4 Play or the Samsung J3. Both of these phones have user replaceable batteries. The Samsung J3 only works on TMobile’s network, so make sure TMobile works for you if prefer the Samsung phone. coverage map


Good point @marshallh

I keep forgetting replaceable batteries are making a small comeback on some devices. I may want to include that in the description when I put the J3 up for sale on Swappa.