Recommendations: MotoG5 Plus or Samsung J7?

I currently have a Moto G3. I’ve been looking at MotoG5 Plus and the Samsung J7. What are the pros and cons? Thanks!

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This was made by community members comparing devices.


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If you’re a long-time Moto user, you’ll feel more at home on the Moto G5+. Maybe some of our members who have had both Motorola and Samsung phones can tell you some of the difference between the interfaces.

I’ve never owned a phone with a fingerprint reader before, but I’ve used one for a few weeks doing some pre-release testing, and I have to say that’s a feature I got used to and enjoyed pretty quickly. I notice of the two you’re comparing, it’s available only on the G5+.

What are the factors that matter most to you when you own a phone?


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Coincidentally, my Father has a G3, and said to me this morning, “Seriously, start researching a new phone for me”.
I said, “Well, the G5P is a great upgrade for the price”…(my son went through a Huawei 5W, and a Samsung J3, and he loves his G5P).

I would never consider a new phone for my Father that was not a Moto phone, just because that would mean learning a new/different interface.

(He did just move from a crappy Windows laptop to a good Chromebook, though… (had one really bad day, but seems much less stressed, now).


Hi c1tobar
I can say the Moto G5+ is really the best one an very user friendly. If I can use it any one can at my age.
Aint life grand being a senior citizen. LOL


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My daughter is going off to college and I want a good phone, long battery life, reliable on RW service, good camera.
I currently have Moto G3 and she has a Moto X2 (I think?) We will both getting an upgrade :grinning:

Definitely looking for a user friendly phone. Thanks!

Both are good phones, I would put the Moto G5’S ahead of the Samsung Galaxy J7 mostly due to the limited internal storage of the J7 [16 GB in small in today’s cellphone world, in my opinion 32 GB should be the minimum, even if you are currently ok with 16 GB I would still recommend more as future proofing the phone for a few years as the OS and apps are only getting bigger]
Both the J7 and G5+ [32 GB] come with 2 GB it RAM which should be enough for most people [I will note that the 5GS+ 32 GB comes with 3 GB RAM and the 64 GB versions of the G5+ and G5S+ have 4 GB RAM]
I will say the Moto phones use a near stock version on Android while Samsung uses it’s TouchWiz skin of Android [there is not a deep learning curve as TouchWiz has been getting closer to stock and Google has been adding similar features to the base]

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Hmmm… Considering you’re happy with the G3 and X2, there’s another reason to opt for the G5+. Let’s see if I can explain this without diving into a deep bowl of alphabet (acronym) soup.

We currently offer coverage with either of two cellular carrier partners.

The Samsung J7 requires the use of one specific SIM card, therefore it can be used on only one of our carriers. It’s the not carrier whose coverage you’re currently enjoying with your current phones.

The G5+, however, has the ability to use either of the two carriers we offer. If we send the phone out with one SIM card and coverage is not great, we can replace the SIM card to move you to the other carrier. That means with the G5+, you could have the same coverage you now enjoy with your current phones, but if your daughter gets to college and finds coverage there is lacking, we could try the other carrier.

I hope this doesn’t come across as trying to sway you one way or the other for the wrong reasons. To be completely honest, I’m afraid as a staff member I’m rather negligent at keeping up with our phone prices and profit margins, as I’m not here to try to push you into a phone based on our profit. I don’t have any experience with the Samsung phones, so please do give our Community a chance to chime in on that, as there may be something really outstanding about the J7 that I’m overlooking. For example, Samsung does have a reputation for putting very good cameras in their phones.

I just checked the ol’ Community Treasure Chest, and I have a few B-stock (customer-returned, like new) Incipio Dual Pro cases for the Moto G5+. (Black and hot pink.) To thank you for having this conversation in our Community and doing your research before ordering, I’ll be glad to send you one or two of these cases if you decide to get the G5+. (Unfortunately, there are no cases for the J7 in the Treasure Chest.)


You can dub me college mom.
I appreciate all the information anyone is willing to share. I have read 100s of reviews and utube video recommendations. I want to hear first hand from people who are using these phones in the RW network. I should probably have started here first lol. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to respond to me :grinning:


Thanks for your input. I just purchased 2 Moto G5s Plus phones for myself and my daughter.

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