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I have a Moto Z Play, but the battery is shot. Thinking of replacing soon, but want recommendations. Want lots of memory. I’m a photo-aholic apparently. Also, battery that will last well and an sd card option. Thinking about the Moto G7 or the Moto Z4. A big difference in cost, so looking for recommendations from those who have them. So disappointed they have not come on sale since Christmas as I’ve been watching daily for about 7-8 weeks now. Which do you recommend and why? or why not?

See Moto G-7 sale prices directly form Motorola. RW is WAY overpriced. My wife and I have each had 3 different Motos with RW and been very satisfied with them.

My wife and I were looking at new phones also and took advantage of a ‘sale’ on the Motorola page. I got the G7 at full price ($299) and got a G6 for free for her. Just ordered the other day and haven’t received them yet, so can’t speak from experience about quality, but all the reviews I saw were good for the type of phone I wanted. You can also get a G7 for $199 if you are only looking for 1 phone.

Since you are coming from a Z series phone… and since camera is an important feature for you… I would recommend the Z4.

We have a G7 in the house…and the camera is not that great. Otherwise it’s a great solid phone that serves us well at that price point.

Another key feature missing from the G series of phones is NFC.

You may find this useful.

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My Moto G7 Play is less than a week old and we are still trying to decide if the nose-too-big-on-all-these-cameras is better or if, in fact, our noses are really that large. Overall, I think the G7 Play is a real bargain at $200 + shipping from Republic for an unlocked phone backed by responsive and helpful service.

I will post a review of my G7 sometime this weekend. So far, it’s more than I expected and really more than I need.


Thank you! This was very helpful! What is NFC, by the way?

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Do you know if an unlocked phone from amazon will still work on RW if it’s one of the same phones RW sells? I understand I would need the SIM kit, but want to be sure I don’t get a phone and then have it not be compatible. That would be an expensive pain.

NFC=near field communication, which is mostly used for Android pay and a quick pairing of Bluetooth devices/

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If it is the EXACT phone Republic sells, meaning the US factory unlocked version. Some advice about that here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

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