Can a Samsung G6 be reconfigured to run on your network?

G6? you mean the Galaxy S6? if so the only version of the Galaxy S6 that will work on republic is the GSM US regional Factory Unlocked SM-G920T with the following builds

*For the Samsung S6 phones only: In addition to matching the model number, you also need to match the build number. This additional step ensures that you’re receiving a Republic certified phone, meaning it’s been thoroughly tested by our engineers and has received updated quality improvements.

For Samsung Galaxy S6 (the T-Mobile branded version of this phone is not compatible with our service)

  • MMB29K.G920TUES5DPK1
  • MMB29K.G920TUES5DPI2
  • MMB29K.G920TUES4DPH2
  • MMB29K.G920TUEU4DPG2
  • MMB29K.G920TUES4DPF1
  • MMB29K.G920TUEU3DPD6

only phones models approved for Republic can be used on Republic Bring_Your_Own_Phone_FAQs

All BYOD will run on the GSM partner network at this time

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