Record a bass noise

I want to record a bass noise, like the sound of a stereo through a wall, and send it to an acoustical consultant. Voice and music recorders do not pick up bass noise. Is there something like this for Android?
iPhone, Audio Spectrum Analyzer app records and then can send a screenshot.■■■■mt=8
Then I need to know how to send it.
Moto E 2nd gen.

Do you have a separate microphone available to you? If you were not using the microphone in the phone, what would you use?

You can use a smartphone as a recording device with the microphone or other audio sensor connected (possibly through the headphone jack or possibly through the USB port.

What app are you planning to use to record this? The older version of Android on a Moto E2 may limit your choices.

Most portable voice recorders and cell phones integrate something called a “low cut filter” for recordings and overall mic sensitivity an pickup frequency response. As they are designed to pick up voice, not music or a musical instrument.

Some recorders have a mode to record music that disable the low cut filter.
Smartphone mics are not designed to capture music or any kind of acoustical noise with any accuracy.

You will need a proper microphone, such as the AT2020 or other condenser mic. They make a USB version that u connect to your computer, or a XLR version that is for pro level audio mixers etc.


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