Recover photos from dead phone

Over the past few weeks, it’s been getting harder and harder to recharge my phone. I believe the plug in port is damaged on my phone. I finally gave up and purchased a new phone. I usually download my photos to my computer as a backup on a regular basis. But I haven’t backed-up the latest 500 photos. When my old phone was down to 10% battery, I tried to upload all of my photos to the cloud since I couldn’t connect my phone to my computer. But the battery ran out with about 200 photos to go. I can’t get my phone to charge anymore. Is there a way to recover the photos from a dead phone? Are they saved on the SIM card?

Before anyone asks, yes, I’ve tried different recharging devices and cords. I have one cord that if I push really hard into the phone (with a slight upward angle), I was able to get a recharge for about 30 seconds until the connection gets lost again.

I high recommend an auto backup on WiFi for photos
check to see if you set up google to do this here
other options are Flickr (free for now) Amazon Prime Photos (included in Prime)

if they are not backup then one option would be to get the charger port repaired at a local repair place like

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To directly answer your question, I’m afraid that answer is no. Generally, nothing other than service information is stored on a smartphone’s SIM.

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