Recover SMS messages from inactive Moto G (1st gen)?


I am hoping to recover a few SMS messages (June 2017) from a now inactive Moto G (1st gen) phone, with broken screen.

In August 2017, I purchased a new Moto E (4th gen) and activated it. (Both phones and accounts were Republic Wireless).

I am trying to retrieve half dozen or so SMS messages for a legal matter.
For unrelated reasons, I am no longer using Republic Wireless at all and the phone number is with another provider.

Am I out of luck? Are SMS messages stored on someone’s servers, besides NSA? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any thoughts.


the SMS are/were stored on your phone
do you still have phone? , is the phone screen totally dead ? or can you still see the the screen and just the touch screen not working ? (we can work a way to get those off the phone assuming it hasn’t been factory reset)

do you need content or just that fact that you where texting good enough ? if so the call/text log on the account portal goes back 18 months (if you account is dead a Republic support ticket should be able to give you those)


Hi @jimr.ilyu2c,

From Do I Lose My Text Messages After Canceling Service? – Republic Help,

If you need a copy of your text messages for legal reasons and they are no longer on your phone then please refer to our Law Enforcement Guide for information on how to submit a subpoena


Thanks drm186 and southpaw - here are answers

–phone? yes, I have it
–factory reset? no
–touch screen? believe it shows assorted colors, no images. I think it only screen that is broken.
–texting? would like content and messages, not just metadata (time, to whom, from whom)
–account portal call/text log? got it, but hoping for actual content

– subpoena? Good to know, hope might be easier way. This would be for a small claims matter that I might bring. Messages, all one day, show sequence of events and who is saying/doing what.

I don’t need the messages at this moment. But would like to know procedure, other than subpeona, if even possible.
Thank you.


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