Recovering Data Off another Broken Screen Moto X First Gen

My first gen Moto X has a broken screen that does not respond to touch. I can power it up and use Google voice commands, but I need a way to backup the data. In reading other posts, I see that a USB to OTG adapter can be used. Where can I obtain one of these? Thanks!

Hi @carlo.sxbtve,

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I’m not seeing these adapters in your local Walmart or Best Buy inventory, but you can order one online from Amazon, here:

If you’re not in a big hurry, I’ll be glad to send you one early next week. I believe I still have a few in the Community Treasure Chest. :gift:


Hi Southpaw, I am expecting my replacement Moto X tomorrow. Will I need my current one active to transfer the number? If not, I can wait for your kind gift to arrive. Thank you!

Hi @carlo.sxbtve,

I’m wondering if you mean something different by “active” than what we mean by it?

Yes, in order for your phone number to be moved from one phone to another, that phone number must still be on an active line of service. If you cancel, the number is no longer yours to move to a new phone.

But considering the context of the situation, I’m not sure that’s what you mean.

You can go ahead and activate your new phone. If you’re activating it with Republic Wireless, you’ll sign into the Republic app on your new phone and as you go through the activation process, you’ll be given the choice to move your number to the new phone.

That process will de-activate the old phone. But the old phone will still work much like an Android tablet after it is de-activated. So even after transferring your number to your new phone and activating it, you could still use the USB-OTG adapter to connect a USB mouse and navigate the old phone.

Please let me know if there is something about your question I’m not understanding.

Also, I’m going to send you a private message to get your shipping info. Please make sure you don’t reply here publicly with that!

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