Recovering Photos from a Smashed Moto G4

How does one recover photos from my wife’s smashed up Moto G4? I have a Moto G4. Can I take the SIM card from her phone and put in mine, so then I can transfer the photos to my computer? Or could she could buy a new Motorola phone and place her old SIM into it?

a SIM card does not store photos (It’'s only used for GSM/LTE network access)
If the phone had an Micro SD card (formatted for portable/external storage) and the camera was using it as a storage location then access that my be possible

If a computer can access the phone (one would need to have back screen functionality to do this as one must agree to a notification for the computer to access the device

do you know if you set up Google photos as a backup if so login to here Google account photo page


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