Recycling Moto X 1st gen


I have a Moto X first generation. It works fine, but I might want a phone with a better camera. How might one recycle my Moto X?


Hi @michaelf.ggoj86!

You could try to sell it online if it is still usable. You could also give it away to a Goodwill, Salvation Army, Miracle Hill, etc. If you do just want to recycle it, you may want to look into EcoATM. Here’s a link: I am sure there are other similar places that do the same thing.



You could also look into organizations like or

Fellow member @beachb wrote this up awhile back…
New Phone? What To Do With The Previous Phone


The phone I have is hardwired to only work with Republic


I did think about that just after posting, still, there are parts inside that could be used for “recycling”,… so, I didn’t edit. Good point though.