Referral program?

Wasn’t there just a referral code a month or so ago? Can’t seem to find it now.

Amy B

You can keep track of what’s available here, and there is a ‘Follow’ button (if you are signed in)

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Hi @amyb9,

The program still exists but currently the only access to the code is if you can locate it in one of the E-mails that has been sent. Our support staff cannot look it up for you. (By this, I don’t mean they are just feeling grumpy and won’t give it to you, I mean they literally have no access to it.)

It was included in the December Cellular Data Footprint Report on Jan. 5, if that helps at all.

The program allows you to give your friends a discount when they join. Since it doesn’t reward you specifically, you could use my code if you have a friend you’re trying to help. Please let me know if you can’t find yours, and I’ll DM you mine.


Whew! I had seen it, I’m not as demented as I thought… But I don’t think I saved the email and I did post it on FB but now can’t find the post…

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Please help,
If RW still has the refer a friend program, can someone please tell me what the steps are to send the referral to my friend?

Thank you

Hi @cynthiad.i0notv,

I’ve moved your question into a recent conversation on the same topic. Please see my reply, here:

and let us know if you have any questions.

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