Refund for data not used


I am paying for 2 Gigs of data and I am not even using one Gig of data per month. Can I get a refund or is there a better way of doing this?



There no Refund in the current plans the best way to handle this would be to downgrade to the 1 GB plan and only purchase (via a 1 time add on) the 2nd (or 3rd…) as need though out the billing cycle

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Thank you for responding. Will I loose any quality in downgrading to 1 GiG?

Quality is not a function of a Data connection any data need for Quality from the Republic App or Texting App would not count against your purchased data, and would be there on plans without data

Thank you.

How do I change to 1GIG?

And for those that have data use free months the basic talk/text for $15 can be your monthly plan. It’s easy to add 1GB when needed.


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Hi @anthonyp.hng5r7,

Here are the instructions if you’re on the My Choice Plan:

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I see @Southpaw answered this

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