Refurbished Moto G Fast

I want to buy a refurbished Moto G Fast from Amazon for RW.
Listing states it is UNLOCKED, but does not state if phone is NORTH AMERICAN
Or if the model # is
XT2045-3)1 / PAHN0000US
And unknown “Software Channel”
Statements like “Globally Unlocked”
And Carrier listed in details as "ATT,
concern me.
Is it still true that only a North American
Factory Unlocked and not a carrier unlocked will work with RW?
The seller states is will work with US Carriers, but I have my doubts.
What say you Guys?
See screenshots

I looked over the listing on Amazon. I would say there is insufficient information in the listing to determine whether this phone is compatible with Republic Wireless.

Hi @gregy.bghrsd,

I’m going to respectfully disagree with my friend @cbwahlstrom on this one. Based on your screenshots, I believe the phone would be Republic compatible. The two key pieces of information I see are though “globally unlocked”, the listing says the phone is “made for the U.S.”. That phrasing is consistent with listings for U.S. factory unlocked Republic compatible Motorola models on Amazon.

The other piece of information I’m relying on in the description is the phone is said to be compatible with all 4 major U.S. networks (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon). This too is consistent with a U.S. factory unlocked Republic compatible model.

The above presumes what’s delivered is what’s described in the screenshots you’ve provided. I would also note should that not be the case, Amazon has customer friendly return policies.

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OK, thanks! I will take a chance! And return if it does not work.
So, if a phone is Factory Unlocked for North America.
That is different from a phone that is carrier unlocked?
Like, can a phone be unlocked for Boost, for example, and still work with RW?


It’s very different. The firmware on phones branded for specific carriers is specific to those carriers. Carrier unlocking a phone does not in and of itself change the firmware. Republic’s service requires the firmware on certain North American factory unlocked phones.

Phones branded for use with specific carriers even if carrier unlocked do not work with Republic.

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Cool! Thank you and other experts for your assistance!
Can you close this ticket/issue?


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