Refurbished phones

Before making a decision to get a refurbished phone please be aware that there may be issues with connectivity with it. Since we bought my husband a refurbished MotoG6 Play, we’ve had nothing but problems. We were getting a delay when he’s on data and I’m on wifi. He can call me just fine but when I call him there’s been at least a 3 second delay if not longer. We’ve been on numerous chats about this, trying all kinds of things plus e-mails with the escalation team. They can’t seem to resolve what’s going on. It sure has wasted a lot of my time online. Just wanted to warn people considering getting a refurbished phone. It’s not worth the the headache.

Sorry you’re having this experience, but honestly, it likely has nothing at all to do with a refurbished phone. There’s really nothing that the phone itself could be doing that would cause the symptoms you’re seeing. I’m sorry that you’ve spend so much time on this, and here’s to hoping the escalations team can get things sorted out for you.

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