Regardless of price. What is the best value for my use as indicated?


Best bang for the buck to new phone model? I have original Moto X. Use phone and text mostly. Rarely WFI as it must be free. Frugal frugal and …yes cheap too, but ‘best value’.


The Moto X was a flagship phone at the time. If you don’t want to spring for another flagship phone, get the Moto G6. It’s one of the best bang-for-the-buck phones available.


I agree the G6 really is the value leader of the available phones to use with Republic. And if you don’t use the camera much, and mainly call and text, the Moto G6 Play could even be a better choice.


I am also a fan of the Moto G6 and G6 play.


I agree with the above posts. That’s what my mom got as her first smartphone. Excellent choice.


I have a Moto X4 & love it but if you can find one now at a reduced price you may want to grab it as it has all the bells and whistles of the original Moto X series and android 8.1. Motorola should be putting a new round of phones out soon (spring -summer).

Go for the X4 for a bargain but if you want something newer the G6 or G6 play will be fine. Newest wait for the new releases. Being frugal is nice but that phone has to last 3-4 yrs probably so don’t forget about the updates needed to keep that phone current 2-3 yrs at least. 4 + yrs will be battery issues on any phone but there are shops that can replace the old batteries…


Think I saw the moto x4 for around $189 again from moto. Bought around the holidays for around $169 plus free sim at another store. Deals are still around as maybe eol.


Looks like they are back in stock for $165 + Tax from that same vendor that had them around Christmas time. They include the R.W. GSM SIM kit too! If you must have the 64gb version they still have those too (seems cheaper just to put a 128gb Micro SD card into the 32gb version if all you need it for is pictures and videos).


This is another good bundle…it includes the RW Sim card…which if buying from Moto…you would have to get separately either from RW or from Amazon

You may find this useful


LOL. That is exactly what I did. Thanks


NEVER EVER EVER WILL I USE A MOTO again. I will stay with republic but not withMOTO


I will be waiting until Spring and getting one of the new Moto G7s. I’d suggest that if you can wait.


I’m a few days late to the party, but I updated from the 1st gen Moto X this past December. Here’s what I noticed.

  1. My Moto X was getting sluggish. This was due to the aging hardware. I would recommend getting something with at least 3gb of RAM because you obviously want to keep this new phone as long as you kept your old one. As even basic apps continue to update and use more resources, you’ll be thankful for the RAM. (Personally, I went with 4gb of RAM) I would also look for a phone with more than 2 cores in the professor.

  2. Some apps were no longer compatible with my older version of Android. You’ll want either:
    A) a phone released this year or last year so that the updates will continue
    B) you could get one of the phones from Google since Google should do a good job of keeping their versions of Android up to date. (Just double check compatability with Republic)

  3. I had to replace the battery in my Moto X, and that wasn’t a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, the only good upgrade in this area would have been an underpowered Moto E-something. The battery would have lasted, but I was afraid that the RAM and processor wouldn’t be able to handle apps very well in a few years.

Nearly any phone sold by Republic today will be sturdy enough to hold up for another 4-5 years. So, this shouldn’t really be a concern.

For me, the Moto g6 met all my criteria. I got the Amazon Prime version because, at the time, Amazon was the only one selling the 4gb version.

I haven’t looked into the particular specs of the Moto g7 Power, but I know the battery should last. If the RAM and Processor seem good then this would be my pick. I would definitely stick with the Moto g line up. These phones seem to have the right specs for longevity while also having the right price for affordability.