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I am trying to activate my new Samsung Galaxy s7 edge which I bought from The model number is compatible and the phone is unlocked. I downloaded the Republic Wireless app on my phone and after it says my activation is underway, it pops up that my phone is not compatible. This is after i bought and put in the Republic Wireless sim card. What should I do?


Can you show a link to the Amazon add you bought the phone from. The phone has to be a north american factory unlocked. Any unlocked phone just may not be approved.


Here is the link of the product I bought.


Can you take a pic of the box end with the phone details? What I am reading the seller don’t know what they have. The model number is missing some info to determine and the sellers with that model say it works on all carriers which is not true.
Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U)


The model number is wrong from what I see already. The Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U) is compatible where the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935) is not unless it is a (SM-G935U).


It might be hard to find a Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U) in the wild. I suggest sending it back and look for another, Samsung sis have some good discounts on older stock if they still have any,


Just adding the SM-935 includes is the whole family of Galaxy S7 Edge [all carrier versions A(AT&T), P(Sprint), T(T-Mobile), V(Verizon), international F, dual SIM International FD, versions and North American Factory Unlocked U(the only one that works on Republic), a seller can claim unlock if the carrier unlock their versions or the international along with the North American Factory Unlocked one]


I checked on the republic website beafor I bought the phone and it says the
SM-G935 is compatible. I have contacted the seller to make sure they sent
me the right phone.


The compatible phone is the SM-935U, without the U it is not a compatible phone


This is a tip from my friend @drm186 In a clearer explanation.

When searching eBay use SM-G935U model number for the S7 Edge (SM-G930U for the S7)

~an F is the European version (also Factory unlock but Repubic does not support

~an A would be AT&T version

~an P is Sprint version (P use to stand for PCS)

~an T is T-mobile version

~an V is Verizon version

~the U is the North American Regional Factory unlock and the only one Republic does support

I hope it helps in your search.


You can tell this isn’t the “U” version by reading the Q&A that the seller has answered. This is an unlocked carrier version.

Here’s how you can tell:

Question: Its unlocked and work with what carrier?
Answer: All domestic and international GSM carriers, like t-mobile, at&t, metropcs, etc…
By Be$tDi$count SELLER on August 3, 2017

The real “U” Version is NOT just able to be used with GSM carriers, it will also work with CDMA carriers, meaning Sprint and Verizon.


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