Relay isn’t just for kids. How would you use it?


I love my smartphone, but sometimes it’s not feasible or even worth it to carry around. Lately I’ve been leaving it at home while I go on runs and taking a Relay with me instead. In case you missed the buzz last year, Relay is the screen-free phone alternative by Republic Wireless.

It works wherever my Republic phone would work, and it’s push-to-talk like a walkie talkie. When I take it with me, I can get in touch with anyone in my chat groups, whether they have another Relay or just the Relay app on their phone. I don’t have to worry about it getting dropped or rained on and I don’t have to mess with a screen if someone wanted to get ahold of me.

Over on our sister community, the Relay Neighborhood, we’ve heard some amazing stories about how adults are finding new ways to use Relay in their day-to-day lives. Here are a couple of my favorites:

“My father is age 85 and in declining physical health […] While he is mentally sharp, he can barely reach or dial a bedside telephone […] After several months of using the Relays, both my parents totally love them. My father keeps his Relay by his side day and night. He holds it in both hands, and he can reliably push and hold the talk button while he speaks.”
-andy, via Relay neighborhood

“I thought [my mother would] balk at wearing the Relay on a lanyard, but the lightweight and stylish Relay made that concern a non-issue. She also liked the fact that the Relay was for communicating with me anywhere. She’s still independent, so she was leery of other devices that were designed more for summoning help.”
-alicew.york, Relay neighborhood

So what about you all: could you see yourself or other adults in your family using Relay? If so, how would you use it to make your day easier?


My wife and I are in our 60’s, early last year she suffered a massive stroke and can no longer get around well or see as well as before. I got both of us a relay so that I can do all my chores in and out of the house, and she can contact me any time she needs help. It has given me a lot more freedom to be productive, but still keep tabs on all her needs. It is a real life saver.


I can see a use for it for every person who lives alone. Attempting sweeping leaves out of gutters, or roof problems can make for dangerous situations. Falling and having to use a smartphone that one has to manipulate may be too much if there was injury. I think the Relay is a great answer. Yeah, walkie-talkies are much easier!