Relay question - how many do I need, range?


I was looking at the new Relay, but am in the dark about how it would work for me and how many units I would need. What my needs would be for is a relay device that I can contact my husband at home. We have a Republic phone and I go out walking the dog in the morning. I currently use walkie talkies to communicate with him at home, he is on oxygen. How many devices would I need to be able to reach him, say if I am on my walk or am out in the car taking care of errands? Would I be able to carry on a conversation by way of the device and the Republic phone or how will it work for us?


Hi @sylviah.5821no,

Currently you would need two Relays to communicate with one another, but we expect to have the communication between Relay and smartphone app working before much longer. You might want to wait until that is announced before making a purchase.

For additional questions about Relay, I’d like to invite you to post in our Relay Neighborhood where Relay staff and Beta testers answer questions about the product based on actual hands-on experience.


Thank you Southpaw. Am also wondering about the distance for communication, since walkie talkies are really limited, but work for my walk out the door and around the freeway. This sounds exciting, I will post in the future at your link.


See this link: .


The user interface is walkie talkie like but the backbone is the cell network [and WiFi networks] so as long as there cell coverage [or open WiFi] one will be covered over on the relay forum users have reported cross country communication]


Basic answer: Unlimited. You could have one on wifi in Italy and the other in your pocket in San Francisco and they would work.


As long as a phone with Relay app had set up the WiFi network in Italy. Practically speaking range is within RW’s domestic service areas with a decent cell signal. Relays are not as easily WiFi first as the RW phones.


a beta member did this from Shenzhen, China, to Raleigh, NC
as WiFi linked phones don’t know where they are and why would they limit it


That doesn’t seem like a big caveat. Most people are going to have a smartphone (iOS or Android) which can run the app to connect the device.


Now we taking about sending a parent along with their child to set up each WiFi network.



I’m sorry, but how many parents are sending their kids to Italy without a responsible adult that has a cell phone? (Doesn’t have to be a Republic phone, or a phone that’s activated at all). This is what we call a red herring.


Not to mention, in many families, those roles are reversed, as children are often more capable with technology than the parents!


You could have one on wifi in Italy

Problems getting Relay WiFi set up in Italy?



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