"Release" RW Phone# for transfer to mintsim?


Hello! For the past week I have been trying to port my republic wireless number to MintSim. This is because they offer plans that fit my needs better for lower price, with more accessible customer service.

They told me that the request has gone through but that I need my old service provider (Republic Wireless) to “Release” the number so that it may be transferred.

How to ?


Hi @roberts.lka4sa,

The information being provided by MintSIM is inaccurate. Republic releases one’s number upon receipt of a valid request from the gaining service provider. I suggest you ask MintSIM if Republic has responded with something called Firm Order Commitment, which would have the date and time of transfer attached. If not, Republic should have responded with a rejection and a specific reason for that rejection. If the request has truly “gone through”, one of the two things I described is what should have happened.

More on the way number transfers are supposed to work by design is here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.


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