Removal of sim cards from Moto G

I have two old RW Moto G phones, and I want to use one as a simple music player. I would like to remove the SIM card(s) so that the phone doesn’t try to activate with Republic. Note: These old phones were replaced with 4G RW phones - I am not trying to reuse the old SIM cards. I will toss them after I figure out how to remove them. Thanks.

What Moto G models do you have?

The first gen Moto G is a 3G phone and has no SIM card.

Also, the old Legacy phone models that do have a SIM card, it is only for LTE access and do not control activation.

The old Legacy phones have a custom RW rom on it that has the RW software backed in and, in my experience, will always nag you to activate it. There is no way to prevent this, far as I was able to tell.
But it wont activate unless you go through the multi step process in the app.

Thank you.

I believe it is a first generation Moto G (3G). It appears the two SIM ports are sealed, with no ejectable card. This would correlate with your response. As long as I can use it offline as a music playing device without interfering with my existing RW service, I am happy.


@petero.epbvqs, there is no SIM card at all in the Moto G 1st gen. Just wanted to make sure you are clear on that.

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Thanks. I understand that now.

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