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How do I remove the Accuweather app from my Moto G6?


Swipe up from the home screen,
Find the Accuweather app,
Press and hold on its icon,
select app info, then uninstall.

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Thanks for your response.
The trouble is, the Accuweather app was preinstalled on the phone and there is no icon for it in the list of apps that are on my phone.
It’s as if they don’t want me to be able to uninstall it.


Where did this G6 come from? I can find no evidence of the Accuweather app being pre-installed on the G6 that I have access to.

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AccuWeather is the service powering the bundled Time & Weather app on a household Moto G6 Play.

@charlesahi, the bundled Time & Weather app cannot be uninstalled but may be disabled in Settings. May we know the end goal? Do you simply wish to remove the time and weather widget from your home screen? Something else?


I got it from Republic


Thanks for your response. I like the widget, but I don’t like Accuweather. It is too complex and cumbersome. I prefer a simpler weather app.


Hi @charlesahi,

Were you able to accomplish what you wanted to do with @rolandh’s advice? I’m not sure if you still need help (to disable the app or perhaps just remove the widget) or if you’ve got it taken care of now.

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Hi Southpaw. I think I’ll just have to live with the Accuweather app since according to the advice it cannot be removed. I resent being forced to use something! I’ll consider disabling the widget, but I do like that part of it.
Thanks to everyone who responded.

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The widget can be disabled, as can the underlying service. You could then install the weather app of your choice and use its widget instead.


Thanks louisdi.

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How do I do that?


I would go to settings then applications and find the application and then delete it. Hope this helps you.



one also needs to show system files and can only disable it (the app is Time and Weather )
Settings --> Apps & notifications --> App info --> :dots: --> Show system --> Time & Weather --> Disable

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Hi drm186.

Thank you for
your help.

I followed your
steps to disable the Time & Weather app; however once I did, my home screen
(where the app/widget was) was no longer available to me. Where I had three
screens with my background that I could swipe back and forth to, I now only
have one with all of the ten or so app icons which I previously had divided
among the three all together on the one screen.

I went back and
re-enabled my Time& Weather app, but the situation stayed the same and the
app is no long showing.

I would gladly
take it back if it would return my phone would behave as it did before!

Any ideas?




The app only has the widget interface so long press on a blank space on you home, this should bring up option for wallpaper, widgets, and setting select the widgets and scroll down to time and weather long press the widget and drag it to where you want to put it.

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Yes, I was working with it and got to the list of widgets you mentioned and took back my time/weather widget. got the screens worked out too.
Thanks again

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