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I’m new to smartphones and my needs are very basic: I only have a basic plan to call and receive calls, (no emails, no text, no Internet which I do in my laptop)

So I got the Motorola e6 and my question is if I can remove the horizontal Google bar at the center of my screen including the clock. These 2 items take a lot of space and since I have no use for them I would like to remove them if I can

Hi @nicolasf.j0fvp8 and welcome to the Member Community. If you are talking about items 1 & 2 in this screenshot, the answer is yes you can remove them. They are widgets.

On our Moto G6 we just long press and hold the widget. A small x with the word Remove pops up at the top of the screen. Just drag and drop the widget on the remove and it’s gone. Just make sure it says Remove and not Uninstall. You can always re-install the widgets too.

We find the google bar very helpful not just for data searches. You can tap the little microphone at the end of the bar and say things like “Set timer for 2 minutes” and the system sets a timer for you. Might want to play a little and see if you find this helpful.

As far as the clock…it’s one of the most used parts of our home screen. But that’s the great thing about smart phones you can individualize them to suit your needs :grinning:

Hope this helps!


For additional help on your new Moto E6, you can find help in the phone itself, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and find :motohelp: Moto Device Help app. Here you can learn how to ‘Personalize your phone’ … perhaps add your favorite photo or other things.
Maybe you will join the community in the next Community Challange … check out the just concluded Community Challenge 23: Show us your home screen! to see the truly great collection of Home Screens


Thank you for the help


Much appreciated, thanks


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