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how do i remove an icon from the main screen? And copy another icon from the full list to the main screen?

Touch and hold until menu pops up with option to remove. Copy or adding done in similar manor.


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Hi @hlillywh and welcome back to the Member Community. @PlaneTherapist gave good simplified instructions. Here’s a link to Google Help for adding apps, shortcuts & widgets to your Home screen. It also describes how to remove an app, shortcut, widget, or group. Note that some of the steps in the instructions work only on Android 9 and up.

The exact actions can change been phone models and version of Android. If you have any problem finding what works for you, come back with more detail about the model of phone and version of Android it has and Members can probably provide more detailed, specific instructions.

Hope this helps!


OK, got one removed. However, when I try to add another to the main screen the menu I get by holding the icon just says “widgets” and “app information.” Should have said that I’m using a Moto e5.

Hi @hlillywh – I’ll jump in here in case PlaneTherapist isn’t online now or had a chance to read your message. Try the following –

Add an app

  1. Open All Apps.
  2. Touch and drag the app (icon) you want to move to main screen. You’ll see images of each Home screen (page).
  3. Slide the app (icon) to where you want it. Lift your finger. You will now have app (icon) on the Home page and the original icon will still be on the All Apps page.

OK, that got it to the home page, thanks.

Now, minor problem but my calendar and google maps each have two icons on the home page. One each of course would suffice. When I click and hold calendar I just get “new reminder” and “new event.” When I click and hold map I get “work,” “home,” and an option for widgets and another for disable, force stop, etc.

Just use the same procedure and Remove the extra one that is displayed
The act of Removing an Icon does not ‘Uninstall’ it, it only removes it from the particular page it was on. It will still remain in the :appsicon: App Drawer with all the rest of your Apps
Caution: To ‘Uninstall’ you would use the same procedure you used when you Remove, but you would drop it into the trash can … so make sure that is what you want, as the recovery will require you to download it again from Google Play

How do I get the app drawer and home screen open at the same time? Without that I can’t seem to drag the icon to the app drawer.

Sorry, didn’t mean to imply you needed to drag the extra copy of the icon back to the app drawer (this is where Google Play or the system shows the App Icons for all your different apps)

When I touch and hold the extra icon I do not get a remove option.

Touch/Hold and Slide to the TOP to the Remove location then it can be removed

That got it, thanks.

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