Remove "Messaging"

After using NFC to pair my new Moto X (pure) with my Moto X (1st gen) the earlier system’s “Messaging” apleaded on the new phone. I subsequently discovered that only “Messenger” functions on the Pure phone.

Thus far “Messaging” has resisted all attempts to be eliminated and is continually fighting for primacy.

Any suggestions on how “Messaging” can be permanently @@uninstalled?

I believe the Messaging app was native to the Pure and cannot be removed. All you can do is uninstall updates.

Hi @brookeb.1ca721

The “Messaging” app is an app built into the system. While there is no way to completely uninstall the app, you can go in via settings to install any updates and disable the app so it hides itself from the system.

All in all however, the system should have one app set by default. You can find and change the default app under Settings, Apps, (gear icon), default apps, SMS app.

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