Remove random contacts from MotoX Second Gen



For some reason, a ton of old contacts just flooded into my contacts on my phone. Specifically, when I click on the phone icon on the MotoX 2nd gen, there are dozens of email addresses etc.

Any idea how I winnow this down to just the few contacts I want on this phone?




This usually happens when you add an additional account to your phone.

You can go to the contacts app

(Three vertical dots) -> Contacts to display -> (Choose the account that has all the phone numbers)

You will now see the line "Contacts in at the top of your list of Contacts


I went into the contacts app and deselected all the additional accounts. Then I deleted some of the offending contacts from my phone. They show right back up when I reboot my phone.

They aren’t in the contact app. They only show up in the area where you click on the phone icon and then look at your contacts there. Still stuck…



You have to be syncing from a couple of accounts. You will have to go into the offending account and turn off sync.

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I’ll try that. I think I turned everything off in the contacts app. But maybe I need to go into Outlook itself and turn something off… tx for your efforts.