Removing app from phone no longer activated

I need to remove my work email app from my old phone (Moto X 2nd Gen) so that I can put it on my new phone (Moto G6), just activated yesterday. When I press and hold the app button, the Moto X phone no longer shows the “uninstall” button. How do I get it uninstalled on the old phone?

Which App are you trying to uninstall?
have you tried to uninstall from the Google Play store?
If it’s the “Gmail”

app on the phone you just have to remove the email account from them as these are part of the ROM and can not be removed

Work email apps, for security reasons often make themselves Device Administrators so that the phone can be remotely wiped by your work’s IT should the phone be lost or stolen. If that’s the case, you’ll need to go in to the Settings App, and remove the App as a Device Administrator before you’ll be able to uninstall it. The other option is to completely factory reset the phone.


That is helpful. Thank you!

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