Removing Extra Shortcuts on Motorola moto e6

I’ve been playing around with my new phone (Motorola moto e6) and I now have many icons for the same program in different spots. I want to get rid of the extra ones, but can’t figure out how to do it. How do I delete the extra shortcuts?

Hi @Lance_Prior - and welcome to the Member Community. On my Moto G6 you simply long press the widget and then drag it to X Remove at the top of the screen. Your E6 will have the same basic process. Hope this helps!

EDIT: Removed erroneous information from original post for others reading this thread. See @jben comments in next post.

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On my X4 there are two options, X Remove and Trashcan Uninstall … I believe that @Lance_Prior just wants to Remove the duplicated App Icons … Uninstall will remove them all and the underlying app.

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@jben - thanks for clarifying this. I don’t have an e6 to check with. Hopefully @Lance_Prior will see this and make the correct choices :grinning:

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