Removing my Name from Caller ID


How can I remove my name from caller ID so it just shows the number and no longer puts out my name as well?
When I ported the number over, it also ported my name to Republic and shows it on every call.
MotoG5 plus. I am assuming this is a function of Republic and not the phone itself.
Many thanks


That would be an incorrect assumption as it’s actually a function of neither. Caller Name (CNAM) isn’t transmitted with a phone call. It’s looked up in a database and matched to the telephone number (Caller ID) on the receiving end. Republic has no direct control over the database used on the receiving end. Worse there are numerous such databases in use and removing one’s name from one (when possible) won’t necessarily remove it from another. Official word from Republic here: Can I Request To Make My Caller ID Blank, Or Use My Phone Number? – Republic Help.

It is possible to effectively block CNAM by blocking Caller ID but this must be done on a per call basis. To do so, prepend *67 to the dialed phone number. The downside to this is the party on the receiving end will see something like anonymous or private caller and many folks choose not to answer such calls.


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