Removing Republic verified WiFi Hotspots


Like many others, I too found the app useful. My coverage is spotty where I live and this app helped bridge that, or at least it made it easier without having to manually look for a wifi hotspot. Hopefully Republic will not bury this capability and in the future come up with something better or do we wait for 5G?


I am on the original plans so I never had access to the public hotspot network anyway, but I do have Comcast so I supposedly have access to their network. Whenever I go on a trip I always try to find ways to connect to their network of hotspots, but they are always just out of reach (like at the hotels I stay at). It is supposed to be really easy using their “Xfinity Wifi Hotspots” application for Android. A lot of hotels are starting to charge for decent access speeds. I still carry my Karma Hotspot just in case I run into trouble.


So wait…I just joined RW , recommended to me because of auto-connect to WiFI hotspots to save data. There is no auto-connect anymore? Yes i feel like the noob you are saying to yourself in your head…


Correct, auto-connect to Republic verified WiFi Hotspots has been removed. You might try an app like Popwifi if auto-connecting to public Wi-Fi is important to you:


Yes and no. The very recent Republic verified hotspot feature has been removed, however, Republic activated phones (all smartphones for that matter) will still connect to WiFi hotspots. One typically needs to accept the WiFi’s owners terms and conditions.

I do see you’ve very recently joined the Community and perhaps Republic itself and am sorry the feature that attracted you has been removed.


Yup same here. I came over based on the knowledge that voip/blended like calls that RW offers are different a little at first but you adapt, acclamate and ultimately save, except that I chewed thru my 3 gig of data like it was nothing. Plus i was at home a lot using my own wifi. There aren’t a ton of wifi spots as you swing thru the backwoods of Texas and I was hoping the phone was gonna do the technical heavy lifting… *sigh


@littletoucan - I had that exact same problem, where login pages to things like Starbucks would disappear, but now I’m not getting ANY login pages to WiFi like Starbucks, McDonalds, and even at a few grocery stores.


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