Removing the RW APP from my last phone

I just got a new phone today and I want to clear out everything I don’t need on my old phone since it is space challenged. My last phone was a Moto X4 that I purchased unlocked from a third party and had to download the RW app from the Google Play store in order to use it. The RW app now appears to be embedded in the firmware as I am unable to uninstall it. I’m guessing this happened when a new firmware was pushed to it, but I would like to remove it since it’s no longer needed. Is there a trick I am missing?

I would also like to know if this will also happen to my new Galaxy S21, and if so, would that cause issues with the trade in programs that Samsung offers?

On many Republic compatible Motorola phones, Republic’s app is indeed bundled and not removable. It is possible to disable the app thereby uninstalling its updates. The only way to completely hide the Republic app’s existence is a a factory reset with no Republic SIM in the phone. A shim app will still be on the phone but would not make its presence known unless a Republic SIM were placed back in the phone.

Samsung does not bundle Republic’s app with any of its phones.


Interesting. Thanks for the info. It’s really not too big of a deal but in my mind I bought it unlocked so I want to have some sort of say as to what goes on it outside of Google and Motorola (which, it seems, made the decision in the first place).

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Factory unlocked simply means one may use the phone with the service provider of one’s choice. It is and always has been the manufacturer’s domain as to which apps are bundled with the phone and whether or not they may be removed.

For what it’s worth, it isn’t just Republic’s app that gets bundled with some Motorola phones. Consumer Cellular’s and Google Fi’s app are also bundled with certain Motorola models. One wouldn’t know that unless one inserts one of their SIMs in the phone.

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