Renewing annual plan without changing data

I am trying to renew my annual plan without changing my current data level of zero GBs. Here’s what happens:

  1. I have to check a box for “automatic renewal.” (Does this mean my plan will automatically be renewed every year from now on without my doing anything?)

  2. Then I get a screen with the total charges (with a ten percent increase in taxes), but the only button to press to proceed is “Update Monthly Data.”

  3. I press that button. Then I get a screen whose only options are to increase my data or to cancel.

    a. If I press the cancel button, I’m back at step 2.

    b. If I press the “+” button to increase my data, I get two buttons, one to “Review” (which
    means I will buying data I don’t want) and the other the “Cancel” (back to step 2.)

Am I missing something? I see no other buttons to press.

Hi @richardd.tcku06 ,

  1. Yes. By checking the auto-renew box, you will automatically renew each year unless you log in and uncheck the box.


Once you check the box, you’re done.

  1. “Update monthly data” is optional. Don’t click the “update monthly data” button if you don’t want to change the amount of data. Simply checking or unchecking the box is the complete action to enable or disable auto-renew.

  2. See 2. :grinning:

Thank you for your answer. Usually when you done, there is a button to press (with a descriptive label on it) to make it clear that you’re finished.

Yes… or something, like a confirmation dialog box. We’ve been told this feels incomplete, and we’ll think through the feedback and look for an opportunity to improve.

You do receive an e-mail confirming the action for each time you check or uncheck the box, if that helps.

I just found that e-mail. It got lost amidst all the junk e-mails I get.

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