Reoccurring Wi-Fi Disconnecting/Reconnecting (Republic Support Says Bugs) - Thoughts?

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy S10+

What plan are you on? 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, Talk, and Text.

Issue Description

Hey All, for the past few weeks I’ve noticed my phone has been suffering from sporadic issues such as: Text Messages Not Sending (despite using Republic Wireless Approved Text Applications), My Phone Number Being A Different Number (as reported by friends and family) Although Republic Resolved It, and Reoccurring Disconnects From My Wi-Fi Every 2 Minutes (as shown in the attachments),

That being said, Republic Wireless doesn’t really know what the issue is; as this has been happening for nearly 3 weeks now. The Support Reps say it is “due to an ongoing bug” that the engineer team is aware of. However, as someone who works in tech I decided to do a deep dive on the issue by researching online if others were suffering from this issue. Shockingly! Several people are suffering from this issue stemming all the way from 2018.

Now! After doing some additional probing on Republic Wireless’s website that involves their System Update Patch Releases for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e? I noticed they are not supporting any Baseband Versions or Build Numbers like my own: My Baseband Version (G975U1UE6GUJ3) and my Build Number (RP1A.200720.012.G975U1UEU6GUJ3). Although, they are supporting the phone model being (SM-G975U1). In conclusion, if Republic isn’t providing and/or supporting patch releases to address bugs and/or other issues against my Build Number or Baseband Version, then is it possible this is the reason for the ongoing disconnects?

P.S. The steps I tried were as followed:

  • Restarted My Phone
  • Rebooted My Router
  • Range Checked My Router
  • Cleared My Browser Cache
  • Cleared My Network Settings
  • Cleared The Application Cache
  • Disabled and Reenabled Wi-Fi On The Phone
  • Disabled Battery Settings Dealing With Power Saving Mode (Republic Doze Mode)
  • Verified and Ensured My Phone Has The Latest Updates For Apps And OS Version (Android 11)

Republic doesn’t issue system update patch releases for phones using My Choice plans. All phones using My Choice plans with Republic are factory unlocked variants. System updates are solely the responsibility of the manufacturer, in your case Samsung. The only software on your phone Republic updates is the Republic app.

I’m unaware of where on its website Republic mentions support for specific baseband or build versions for Samsung’s Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e. If I’m wrong about that, I’d very much appreciate a pointer to the location on Republic’s website where they do so. Mention of specific builds is referenced for Samsung’s 2016 Galaxy J3 (no longer supported) and Galaxy S6.

Several of the symptoms you mention might be explained by Samsung’s aggressive battery management. I understand you’ve checked battery settings regarding power saving, however, as a starting point, I suggest having a look here:

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I’m hoping you simply misunderstood rather than were told by a support rep that there’s a known bug that somehow Republic is involved in your phone connecting/disconnecting from wifi. Ther reason I say that is because if you were told that, it is a simply non-sensical answer. Republic doesn’t control the wifi connection on your phone, they don’t provide the wifi service, they’re no more resposible for your phone disconnecting from wifi then they are for your car getting a flat tire. It is simply impossible for there to be a bug on Republic’s part that would cause your phone to connect/disconnect from wifi.

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Hey Rolandh,

These are the patch release links I am referring to.

Release Notes – Republic Help (

Like you mentioned, these are fixes that are updated through the Republic Wireless App. Hence, why I stated they are patch releases to address bugs and/or other issues against my Build Number or Baseband Version. They have release notes and patches specific to supported phones whether they are unlocked or locked; as patch releases can be provided by whomever (e.g., Samsung, Republic, AT&T, etc). On that note, doing some additional digging I came across multiple users - around the world - complaining how it might be related to Android 11. As a result, my plan is to backup and rollback to Android 10 for test purposes. If it works? I will follow up accordingly and close out this topic.

Thank you. Those are indeed the release notes for Republic app updates with which I am familiar. What I’m not familiar with and don’t see in the release notes are any references to build or baseband versions. The referenced version numbers are Republic app version numbers not Android build or phone baseband versions.

Hi Louisdi,

I most definitely did not misunderstand or misinterpret what the rep stated. Attached are their exact sentiments and admission followed by them adding my ticket to a master ticket - that likely involves other users or consumers suffering from the same problems mentioned. That being said, I work in InfoSec as I troubleshoot every day. In the event if I don’t know something nor have the resources, I research. If I can’t find a solution, then I will reach out to support or colleagues or management if needed.

P.S. Because the Wi-Fi Connection is tripping up, my data plan is being utilized as primary vs. secondary. Like many others I am teleworking from home. If this was a network issue? Then all (5) of my devices between Apple and Windows products would be suffering from the same issues.

Cool so we are on the same page for Republic App Updates

. Regarding the Build or Baseband Versions? I think you are sadly misinformed as they are not Republic App Version Numbers but Android Build Versions. Here is one link that definitively tells you in their words on how to find your Samsung Build Version.

How to Find the Build Number on a Samsung Phone – Republic Help (

How to Locate the Build Number on a Samsung A11 – Republic Help (

Whereas, with regards to what versions they support? That was listed on their main website prior to their site being upgraded. Thus, I cannot reproduce that ATM; because they are doing maintenance and upgrades to their site itself.

Sorry, but I go with misinterpreting. That says absolutely nothing about connecting/disconnecting from wifi. What it says is that data is shown as used even when it isn’t, which means the phone is perfectly connected but the recording is wrong.

I do not believe I am misinformed. For example for the help article titled “Republic Wireless App Update Version”, is not an Android build number. It is indeed reference to version of the Republic app itself. If one opens that help article, it states the environment is “All Republic 3.0 Phones”. Every phone using a My Choice plan with Republic is a Republic 3.0 phone. Those phones each run a variety of Android builds and phone baseband versions from Samsung, Google, Motorola, etc.

In any event, the Republic app does not manage the WiFi network connection on Republic activated phones. The Republic app’s purpose is to determine whether to route calls over WiFi or cellular. The WiFi connection itself is managed by the manufacturer’s Android OS just like on any other service.

I understand support referenced a bug, however, I don’t see where they specifically reference a Republic app bug.

Welp! I hate to say as there’s no other way to say it nicely but I ended up troubleshooting the underlining root cause as I also shared my findings with Republic in our master ticket.

@rolandh - We can go back and forth with cited pages and references all day. However, as someone who works in Big Tech? It’s critical as an engineer, architect, or analyst to comprehend. Now, I am not implying that you don’t work for fang, but after showing your responses to my team and my mobile technicians at Best Buy and Apple Stores? They all say “a phones build number” is solely created by the company. In my case? It would be Samsung. The article just teaches people “how to locate their build number.” No where in my response did I cite “Republic Wireless App Update Version 3.30.x” as a referenced article. So, I have to ask why did you reference a different article contrast to my sources that helps people “how to find their build number;” as even my own friends want to know lol? Furthermore, is how I explained to you and others how the information that validates everything what I am saying is listed on their main site - that is being upgraded. So, perhaps the information that I want to show you, isn’t readily available for you to digest on. Thus, all we can do is wait for them to finish upgrading their production site.

@louisdi - Context is a thing a lot of people in modern day don’t think about. Disconnecting/Connection issues results in what Louis? The answer is our mobile data being used despite being connected to Wi-Fi. For if we are connected to Wi-Fi, then we would have no need to use mobile data off of Republic Wireless’s Networks. Because the data that each application(s) are using are being used by our home or pubic or work Wi-Fi networks. Seeing how you are also based in the Washington, DC area like myself? I hate to say it but there’s a lot of incompetent professionals in our area who hide behind certifications left and right; especially in Top Four.

That being said, I resolved my own issue and shared the findings with Republic directly; as even their technicians could not resolve the issue timely. Per Republic, they do not want me to disclose the issue on a thread as they plan on addressing the issue on the backend with an article. When that is? I have no idea, but after working effortlessly with my peers and Samsung? We identified the root cause. Thank you both for your time.

Happy Holidays

I’m glad to hear that with the powerhouse intellects at Best Buy and Apple stores along with your engineer, architect and analyst colleagues you were able to resolve the issue that were not only unable to solve, but simply unable to comprehend.

Happy Holidays to you as well.


Hi @michaelr.sicb7i,

I’d like to clear up a few misconceptions for others who may be confused by what they have read in this topic.

There is nowhere on our website where we specify which builds we support for the Samsung Galaxy S10+. There never has been, even before the website went into “stay-tuned” mode.

I think you might have had our BYOP page for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ in mind. It is still visible here: Samsung Galaxy S10+ – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless

It lists MPNs, it does not list build numbers. It never has listed build numbers. We have Help Articles which describe how to find the build number because it’s a question we often have to ask members as we are helping them troubleshoot issues, not because we have ever published an exhaustive list of supported builds.

Roland is the last person on the planet who would need to be schooled in the difference between a build and an app version. I’m sorry to see you wasted so much time going over his answer with people who have no first-hand knowledge of Republic Wireless, when Roland would have been more than happy and far more than capable to assist you.

In reviewing your most recent Help Ticket (note, it’s a Help Ticket, it is not a master ticket), I do not see a solution to the issue of WiFi disconnecting and reconnecting. I have not been able to find where anyone on our Help Team indicated they would write a Help Article with the solution you provided. In general, we do not advise members against posting their solutions in Community, and I would like to follow up with the agent who advised you in that manner. Would you be kind enough to share that Help Ticket number with me?

If you have a technical solution to the issue of a Samsung Galaxy S10+ disconnecting and reconnecting to WiFi, by all means, please share it with our Member Community. This is how our Community works, members help one another by sharing their knowledge, as Roland and Louis have spent countless hours doing over the last 10 years.


Hi, Southpaw,
I was reading through the thread and although I don’t have a Samsung S10+ I am having what seemed like a similar issue. When on WiFi calling my call would drop every couple of minutes or so and then get dialed back automatically without the other person even realizing that the call had been dropped. I could switch off WiFi and it didn’t have the issue. So noticed that every couple of minutes or so even when not on a phone call and on WiFi my wireless connection would fail and I would be using cellular data instead of WiFi data. No other device in my home had this issue. I have a Motorola Moto G Fast,

Hi @jackrussell,

Since your phone is a Moto, I wonder if you were seeing the microphone conflict we’ve seen with the Google app?

You may not actually see the error message, but see if the instructions in that Help Article stabilize your calls.

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